About us

My old father looked a little doubtfully at my just-made, first 150 Bearded Elves, which I proudly and eagerly showed him "Hm, you should sell them too!" Hundreds of thousands of bearded elves later, he no longer doubts my ability to manufacture or sell.

It's been an unlikely journey since I stood there by the kitchen sink. and rubbed my wool with water and soap and eventually got my Santa hats with a drawn top. And on the other hand aching muscles.

It all started with pitiful little, completely felted and frankly ugly elves. But they also sold, albeit to a modest extent - 50 pieces at a Christmas market in Gislaved

At that time there was no Åsas Tomtebod, it was just myself and my felted elves.

When I started my little shop in 1993 to sell all kinds of products from the local area, I did not even then have a thought that it was my own elves who would lift the whole business. The Beard Santas became an unlikely success, both in the stall but above all after the Formex fair in 2000.

It had probably been a distant dream for a long time to be able to test my Beard Santas outside my stall and nearby Christmas markets. But "you should not think you are something" was stuck in my mind.

When I nevertheless took the courage to exhibit at the big fair in Älvsjö, I was met by a fantastic response. The elves died not only in Småland but throughout the country and soon far beyond. And based on

Beard elves as a basis, there have been a large number of variants - well over 100.

I love my elves, but most happy is I'm over that my love is shared by an incredible amount of people around the world.

For 25 years - fantastic.

 Asa Thank you to all of you who have contributed to this in various ways.

If you have any question or perhaps a store and would like to carry our products please contact us at info@tomtebod.se